Antonella Vona

Hi there! I teach English at IIS Sandro Pertini.

I am the coordinator of Erasmus plus projects.

I am very curious and love teaching.

I prefer experimenting new techniques and never stop learning!


Margherita Boianelli

Hello! I’m a teacher of English at IIS Sndro Pertini.

I love travelling and dancing. Dancing helps me face my stressful routine!

I’m taking part to the activities because I’m looking forward to enrich myself with stimulating activities.


Angela Pagliarella

I’m Angela,I am an Italian teacher.
My passion: languages, travelling, singing, and gourmet cooking 


Gianni Picarazzi

my name is Picarazzi, Giovanni Picarazzi!

I am a chemistry teacher at IIS Pertini in Alatri and I really like working with students. I spend my free time to listening to music, reading exciting books and above all hanging out. I like football and am a supporter of Barcelona FC. I love listening to Pink Floyd and I think Nelson Mandela was a great man. My favorite movie?



Filomena Maramao

Hello! I am a chemistry teacher, in particular I teach students how to perform experiments in the school lab.

Nice to meet you all!


Fabio Colaianni

Hello! I’m Fabio and I teach agronomy, economics.

I am interested in the topics of sustainability, green economy and circular economy.



Lidia Bove

Hello! I’m Lidia, I teach Biology and Natural Sciences. I’ve always been interested in the environmental issues. I love studying about sustainability and I feel “green”! I love having long walks.


Tiziana Iacoucci

Hello! I’m Tiziana, I am a Maths and special needs teacher. I love teaching with the help of new technologies and inclusive teaching techniques. I am interested in robotics.

I love travelling and meeting new people.


Andreas Minnucci

Hi there! I’m Andreas. I live in Alatri. I have a degree in economics but I am a special needs teacher. I love playing chess.



Lucio Ferrera

Hello, I’m Lucio, I am a technology teacher. I love cooking and travelling. Nice to meet you!


Giusy Ordile

Hi! I’m Giusi Ordile, a chemistry teacher. I live in Fiuggi a small town near Rome. I love nature: swimming in the sea, walking in the woods, watching the sunset are some of the activities I enjoy the most.

I love traveling as well: I think it is something that makes you undoubtedly richer. On one hand it broadens your horizons, on the other it make you discover new places, costumes and traditions. I find it thrilling to be exposed to different faces, sounds that are so different to those you are familiar with. To be totally honest, I do enjoy cooking as well and it always nice to discover new recipes and experiment with them once I am back home.



Maria Luisa Spaziani

I’m Maria Luisa. I live in Frosinone. I teach economics at IIS Sandro Pertini. I like cooking, gardening and travelling. I care about the environment am interested in the topics of the circular economy.


Annamaria De Santis

Hi there! I teach Italian and history. I’m very interested in the themes of sustainability and cultural heritage.

I love travelling and gardening.

Nice to meet you all!


I am a teacher of the Technology Department, at a secondary school in Portugal, where I teach technical drawing and industrial organization, subjects of a professional course of mechatronics. I like being part of projects of different nature and I also like learning. I find participation in an Erasmus+ project is an excellent opportunity of developing our skills in a broadband sense, due to the involvement and experience that it provides.
INSTITUTION Padre Benjamim Salgado Secondary School ROLE: Teacher LANGUAGES: Portuguese, English, Spanish SUBJECTS Technical Drawing, Eletrotechnics, Electrical Installations AGE OF MY STUDENTS: 15-18




Manager of practical training, a teacher, Joniskelis Ignas Karpis Agricultural department


“Although my first qualification was a teacher, I’d spent years in the field of public administration and came to work at school around 4 years ago. I think international cooperation gives endless possibilities, especially for schools and departments like ours – located in rural areas. I’ll coordinate this project in Lithuania and I hope the project will encourage innovations in partner schools and will be a great chance to learn how to start and manage an agricultural business for our students.”


Manager of Joniskelis Ignas Karpis Agricultural department, a teacher of Economics and Management


“I have been working at the school for eight years. I notice that many students dream of their own business, but only few dare to start. The lessons of the module “Implementation of Agricultural Activities” help students to reveal their entrepreneurial spirit and get acquainted with innovations. I believe that sharing experiences with project partners will give students the courage to realize their dream. Good luck!”

A vocational teacher, Joniskelis Ignas Karpis Agricultural department


“Regarding my education papers, I am an agronomist. It is not only my profession, it is my lifestyle. In school, I teach horticulture, ecological ways of farming, plant protection. I love experiments with different greenhouse plants (cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers), choose different soil, different variety of sprouts and watch what are the effects. My family has a 20 milk cows’ farm, which is more like my hobby, my way to relax from paperwork.”


A vocational teacher, Joniskelis Ignas Karpis Agricultural department


“I am an agronomy teacher-methodologist. I teach the basics of farming, crop production, plant protection at the school. My work experience is 37 years and I also have farming experience. I am interested in organic farming, innovations in advanced farming.”


A vocational teacher, Joniskelis Ignas Karpis Agricultural department


“I teach students with special needs specializing in greenery management: plant protection, maintenance of greenery, woody plant care technologies, park management, mechanization of greenery works, floristic design. I live in a village, grow vegetables, flowers, ornamental plants and fruit-trees and also have a green house.”



A vocational teacher, Joniskelis Ignas Karpis Agricultural department


“I graduated with a degree in environmental engineering with a related management degree. I started working at the school in 2017. I teach children with special needs the environmental fundamentals, as well as the mechanization of greenery works and environmental management machinery, equipment and mechanisms. I am interested in taking part in the project, because it is a great opportunity to learn about innovations, get to know different specifics of work, to supplement my knowledge baggage and most importantly, the project experiences, good emotions and good examples are passed on by teaching children, thus introducing them to new trends.”


A teacher, Joniskelis
Ignas Karpis Agricultural department

“Dreamt to become a vet. Ended up studying English, which was my door to
the world. A wish to travel must have been stronger.
I teach English
and in our family farm always assist a visiting vet. Also, love to watch two
different ways of farming: my father – old-school, my brother and my husband –
modern ways, technologies, researches, etc. Conclusions: one can’t without the
other – cooperation is a must. At this moment in my life, I’m very passionate
about Transitional towns. Would love to end up in one.”



Grigorios Iosifidis

Director at IEK Kavalas

Hello, I am Grigoris, ICTs teacher, I like creativity and innovation,

teaching with the help of new technologies and inclusive teaching techniques. 



MSc Eng Popi Ntolou


Hi there! I am Popi, PhD candidate

University degree in Engineering

Postgraduate of Pedagogical Department on Teaching Area.

Master in Adults and Environmental Education

Former professor in Technical
University of Kavala from 1990 until 2013.

Member of cultural, folk groups.

Working for the last 9 years on European Projects

(Comenius, Leonardo, Erasmus+, Youth, Adults, Schoolpartnerships, VET)

because I love new experiences and to broaden my horizons.



Dimitrios Vratidis

Teacher of art of cooking – Chef

I love cooking, travelling and

I am also interested in environmental issues.

My passion: gourmet cooking.

Nice to meet you!

Vasilis Apatzidis Chef
Ilias Lazaridis Chef
Mystakidis Zafiris Agronomist
Marios Vlachos ICTs expert
Peteinarakis Ilias Physical Education teacher